Tsioukanis Y – Costa Navarino

Απρ 2, 2018

Sergio’s visit came at a time that was very necessary as he opened our eyes to things we had let drop one to “taking things for granted” or things becoming “everyday”. These included:

  • What is my job?
  • Where do I fall short and costy?
  • Opened eyes to colleagues that I was unsuccessful at doing myself.
    Importance of not letting anything stop you from following your goal for your people, being a leader.

After his visit I will first ensure that together with my immediate report we will work closer together to achieve small improvements in communication towards the team in order to achieve great scores in productivity, results and moral. This will, intern, much improve the communication channels between the next level above so again to make all our working lives more enjoyable.
Concentrating on brief, consistent, clear lines of communication with all colleagues is the next aim.

    Πώς μπορεί να βοηθήσει εσάς και την επιχείρησή σας το Business Coaching;
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